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Waterproofing, quick curing time, good flowability, as well as good tensile, elongation and shear forces strength are some of the advantages of polyurea.


Its properties are particularly good for protection, renovation and restoration work, as the surfaces can be exploited quickly after the installation.

Ease of use

Its quick and easy installation reduces labor and time required to waterproof and protect large areas in harsh climatic conditions and complex work environments.

A little more on polyurea

An economical solution

Polyurea is a durable solution that allows you to protect your investments at a fraction of the cost of replacement or refurbishment. It allows to extend the useful life of the protected elements. In addition, polyurea does not require maintenance once the product is applied.


An ecological solution

Polyurea is an ecological solution that releases little or no waste. Indeed, polyurea provides a perfect seal and increases protection with its monolithic membrane which easily adapts to different projects by bonding all types of surfaces. In addition, polyurea allows a valuation of different materials by restoring them and protecting them for several years to come.

A versatile product

Polyurea is a superior product that easily adapts to your needs. It is applied by high pressure spraying and forms a seamless, protective and versatile waterproof membrane that will protect your investments and save you money on your various projects.

A variety of uses

Polyurea forms a monolithic membrane resistant to water, tearing, tension, corrosion, impact, abrasion and many chemicals. It is used in particular for waterproofing and protecting surfaces, maintenance of public works or industrial equipment, concrete tunnels, truck bodies, tanks as well as concrete foundations and roofs.


A wide range of possibilities.

From foundations to roofing, whether for a new construction or to repair an existing building, polyurea is a wise choice allowing you to have peace of mind in the face of the risks of water infiltration and the formation of mold.

Many loads of all kinds wear out and damage the boxes of trucks and trailers. Our polyurea prevents wear and early damage to your equipment and helps restore damaged equipment.

It is important to protect the various agricultural parts and components in order to extend their useful life. Polyurea is also used for animal comfort and soil protection against various chemical contaminants.

Bridges, retention basins and dams are infrastructures requiring good long-term protection. Our polyurea is a durable protection solution against leaks, corrosion, chemicals and abrasion.

The daily circulation of machinery of all kinds, impacts and chemical spills require a solid and durable coating. Polyurea is a solution for solving a variety of industrial problems.

Mines and quarries are harsh working environments where protection against corrosion, impact and abrasion is essential to avoid high maintenance costs and unintentional downtime.

Whether for a military vehicle, an aquaculture pond or a concrete swimming pool, the versatility of polyurea will meet your needs, regardless of the size or nature of the project.

An avant-garde material popular in a wide variety of fields as a replacement for different membranes. Used more and more, day by day.



Our polyurea is the perfect ally for your foundations. Being the base of your home, it is important to protect them well with a seamless monolithic membrane to prevent cracks and form a waterproof barrier against water and humidity. With excellent elongation capacity, polyurea easily resists freeze-thaw cycles. In addition, it offers additional protection against radon. Have peace of mind for decades with our waterproof and durable protection solution.


Green roofs

Green roofs are increasingly popular in new construction. They provide a variety of benefits for homeowners and require a reliable and durable waterproofing membrane. Polyurea is a popular material in this field and provides longterm protection for your roof.


Truck boxes

Whether it is for daily use on the job site or for transporting your recreational vehicles, the box of a truck can be damaged easily. Our polyurea coating improves durability, aesthetics and protects against corrosion and abrasion.


Vehicle parts

Polyurea coatings are used to protect against impact, abrasion and corrosion. The monolithic membrane is a durable solution to protect the various parts of your vehicle against the demanding environments that you will find on your road.



Our polyurea is the ideal coating for the interior and exterior of your trailer. Regardless of the load and the route taken, it will protect it for several years from damage caused by impacts, salt, chemicals, corrosion, friction and water and thus increase the useful life of the vehicle.


Truck dumpsters

With the many daily loads, truck bodies are easily damaged. The high abrasion and impact resistance of polyurea protects your purchases and restores your equipment. In addition, our solution constitutes an excellent barrier against corrosion and facilitates the flow of materials during unloading.


Interior and exterior of grain silos

Agricultural activities require specialized equipment. It is important to properly protect or restore the various equipment in order to avoid unscheduled laborious maintenance and high replacement costs. The abrasion and corrosion protection of polyurea can save you from having to replace an agricultural component such as a silo too quickly.


Manure pits

Its high chemical resistance and waterproofness make our polyurea an excellent choice of coating for a manure pit. In addition to protecting your pit, it is able to give you peace of mind with its protection against spills in the ground. In addition, its high elongation capacity helps prevent cracks in the structure by adapting to soil movements related to freeze-thaw cycles for decades to come, thus avoiding high maintenance costs.

Civil engineering

Retention basins

Continuous immersion in water can be a problem when it comes to choosing a coating. Polyurea is a useful solution to prevent corrosion, water leakage and protect against physical degradation of concrete.

Civil engineering


Dams are under enormous pressure and their location predisposes them to premature wear. Our polyurea membrane can protect your infrastructure by waterproofing concrete and increasing its durability and resistance to the extreme conditions they face.

Civil engineering


Bridges are subjected to several extreme conditions such as heavy traffic, de-icing salt, temperature changes and must withstand phenomenal loads. Polyurea helps prevent physical degradation of the structure and waterproofs the pillars or other important parts that make up the whole structure.


Factory floors

The daily circulation of machinery of all kinds, impacts and chemical spills require a solid and durable coating. Our polyurea has all the characteristics you need to keep you focused on your business.


Primary and secondary tanks

Polyurea is not only waterproof, but is very flexible, preventing any liquid from spilling out and destroying the environment. Its quick drying time allows you to quickly return to your commercial activities. In addition, its high resistance to abrasion and corrosion increases the useful life of your tanks.

Special projects

Military vehicles

Robustness and reliability are required for this kind of project. Thanks to its unique properties, our polyurea membrane ensures your vehicle is foolproof. In addition, its flame retardant properties provide some protection against fires.

Special projects

Concrete pools

Whether it’s for a new project or for a pool that needs a new look, our polyurea membrane is what you need. In addition to protecting and waterproofing the concrete from it, its resistance to chlorine and salt can provide you with protection that will not deteriorate over time.

Special projects

Aquaculture and horticulture ponds

Aquatic ponds require a solid base that is resistant to weathering and corrosion. One of the advantages of polyurea is that the shape possibilities are unlimited for your pond and that it is directly applicable on a geotextile membrane. Let your imagination run wild for your project.

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