We are experts
in reactive products.

MultiFIX is specialized in manufacturing and distributing reactive products.


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MultiFIX offers through basic research on reactive polymers a range of specialized resins and application equipment.

Our goal is to promote the technological advancement of composite materials to support different companies’ projects and allow them to develop in their respective markets.

Over 30 years
of experience.


Having years of experience and offering a variety of high quality systems such as epoxys, polymers, polyurethanes, and polyaspartics in addition to release agents and ecological cleaners, MultiFIX is highly recognized on the chemical market.

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We love reactive products.

We can help you with different solutions across the following market sectors: industrial, commercial, construction and institutional.

Our ability to perform industrial and commercial work in a multitude of market sectors coupled with our wide range of products and services guarantees excellent results in our clients’ facilities.