Best use – Waterproofing


  • Reservoirs and ponds (non-chemical)
  • Light to moderate traffic floors
  • Geotextiles, green roofs
  • Concrete foundations
  • Concrete pools
  • Tunnels, culverts and sumps
  • Aquaculture and horticultural ponds
  • Pipes, crawl spaces
  • Dams
Manufacture of parts
  • Foam blocks for various uses
  • Mattresses for animals
  • Safety cushions



MultiFLEX 304 is a 100% pure elastomeric polyurea of medium hardness used as a generic coating. It forms a monolithic barrier ideal for sealing and waterproofing work. This high performance coating, which offers an economical coating option, can be used on most substrates such as concrete, wood and steel. It is an ideal coating for waterproofing a foundation.

Physical properties

Properties Methods Results
Hardness (Shore A/D) ASTM D2240 90A/40D
Tensile strength (psi) ASTM D638 1750
Abrasion resistance (mg) ASTM D4060 8.0
Elongation (%) ASTM D638 300
Glass transition D7028-07 -54°C
Tear strength (N/mm) ASTM D624 44

10-15 sec

Cure time

2-4 min

Dry to touch

1 h

Light traffic

12-24 h

Return to service*

30 min - 10 h


* Polyurea reaches its full maturity after a few weeks, varying according to the type of product and the different environmental conditions.
** If the time is exceeded, the use of a surface activator is necessary to apply another coat.


  • Waterproofness and resistance to chemicals
  • High adhesion on a wide variety of surfaces
  • Good flexibility
  • High elongation, up to three times its original length
  • Versatile and efficient use
  • Free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs)


Solid by weight


Mix ratio A:B (by volume)


Solid by volume

1 year

Shelf life

Equipment settings

Description Pression Temperature
Hoses Minimum 145 BAR | 2100 psi 65°C | 150°F
Part A 175 BAR | 2500 psi 60°C | 140°F
Part B 175 BAR | 2500 psi 70°C | 160°F

*The values indicated on this technical data sheet are based on tests produced under laboratory conditions. Equipment configurations as well as application conditions can produce deviations in the values of the final system. The user is responsible for the resulting performance and for ensuring that the product is what is needed for the application he intends to do with it. For best results, these settings should be used.

Surface preparation

Make sure you have a ready application surface free of dirt, dust, oil, grease or any other contaminant before you begin. A CSP-4 through CSP-5 surface profile is required for application to concrete to achieve the best possible adhesion, producing a profile equivalent to 60 grit sandpaper or coarser. In addition, make sure that the surface is dry and that the air temperature exceeds that of the dew point. If the product is applied to a concrete surface, a cure time of approximately 28 days is recommended for optimum adhesion. In some cases, the use of a primer may be necessary. Please see the MultiFLEX Application Guide for details on application, surface preparation and recommended thickness.

Available on demand

  • UV stabilization and resistance additives
  • Primers and surface activators
  • Adhesion additives
  • Solvents and cleaners
  • Surface varnish
  • Membrane protection products

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