Oily non-stick solution


  • Kitchen, bathroom and countertop cabinets
  • Cabinet doors
  • Commercial furniture
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Woodworking project


Opale is a high quality non-stick solution used in the edgebanding industry. Conventional organic solvents raise many questions related to their toxicity, volatility and petroleum origin. Opale is a product that could be described as an alternative solvent. This biosolvent made from renewable raw materials of plant origin is an excellent substitute for solvents of petrochemical origin.

Opale is used to counter the adhesion of glue to surfaces where it is not necessary to apply it. It can be used both on the top and bottom surfaces of the panel, and elsewhere on the edgebander (pressure roller, marker, etc.).

Opale is an oily product that does not evaporate easily, thus having better non-stick properties than many other products. The product can be sprayed with an edgebander or applied manually.

Physical properties

Appearance Clear liquid
Odor Natural oil
Density 0,831 @ 25 °C
Boiling point 78,3 °C
Flash point 12,8 °C closed cup
Lower and upper explosion limits 3,3 % - 19,0 %


  • Alternative solvent of plant origin
  • Safe for the environment
  • Viscous non-stick solution
  • Against the adhesion of glue
  • Great non-stick capacity
  • Manual or machine application


This product can be sprayed on or used by soaking a cleaning cloth. It can also be sprayed with the help of an edgebander by referring to your machine’s user Manual. The product is applied on the upper side and the lower side on the edge of the edgebanding. It is important not to apply Opale onto the edgebanding to ensure good adhesion of the glue. Applied in a thin layer, Opale acts as a non-stick on surfaces where glue-free is desired. Opale is an oily product, so it evaporates less and has better non-stick properties. To clean excess glue and Opale, we recommend using Rubis cleaning solution.

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