Yannick Piché

Operations Manager

Specialized in thermosetting materials, Yannick, through his customer’s projects, quickly gain experience in the field. Since these materials are purpose driven and results are measureable, results quickly led him to support the business development of his clients.

Yannick does not leave work until the goal is achieved. Specialized in cast urethanes and their applications, Yannick is also well experienced with urethanes, epoxys, and polyureas. Do not hesitate to put him to the challenge!

André Piché

Sales Manager

With over 40 years of experience in the chemical industry, André is a leader in developing new businesses, strategic alliances, and account management. He is also an expert in finding distributors and developing and monitoring sales agents in the North American market. Bilingual with excellent communication skills, motivated, and open-minded, he is keen in finding strategic sales solutions. He brings entrepreneurial leadership in all business aspects.