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Our range of Polyurea (aromatic and aliphatic) Products; MultiFLEX

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For damage caused by impacts, corrosion, seepage or wear on equipment and other assets, protect, preserve, and increase the longevity of their lives with our range of polyurea coatings, MultiFLEX.



– Protective membrane

– Waterproofing

– Adheres to all surfaces

– Superior resistance to impacts, abrasion, and corrosion, chemical products, and UV rays

– High pressure spraying application



Excellent solution for:

  • Pipe & Pipelines
  • Joint Filling & Caulking
  • Bridges, Rails, and Tunnels
  • Reservoirs, Containments, Tanks, and Retention Ponds
  • Floors & Parking Lots
  • Waterparks & Playgrounds
  • Mining Conveyers & Falls
  • Bridge Pillars & Docks
  • Pavement Line Painting
  • Industrial applications such as Spray Molding


Good Products

MultiFLEX 301 to 305 are elastomeric coatings made of 100% solids. Various properties including interesting hardnesses and tear strengths awaits you. Once dried, these coatings will form a highly durable monolithic barrier that will rejuvenate, preserve, and protect surfaces.

As for MultiFLEX 310, it is also made of 100% solids but is an aliphatic polyuerethane coating system designed to be applied as a thin film. This coating can directly be applied on substrates or can be used as a topcoat on epoxy, polyurethane, polyester, or polyurea.


Different finishes available. A smooth finish, as for example, will allow some materials to slide well over the covered surface while a textured finish will make the surface non-slip. All depends on the role you want it to do!


Advantageous performances and savings!

Don’t wait any longer! Receive more information about our MultiFLEX coatings today!


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Details about our polyurea:

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