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A Supplier of Choice !

Gamapur Canada offers replacement parts for your polyurethane foam and polyurea equipment. From hoses, o-rings, springs, nut drivers, screws, side seals, cartridges, valves, filters, drills, balls and mixing chambers, just to name a few pieces.

These replacement parts are compatible with our competitor’s Fusion AP and CS equipment.

For additional information, please dial 819-847-2689 or send us an email at

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GAMA’s Heated Hoses Differences

GAMA’s hose heating system enables effective heating up to the total hose length.

The system includes an innovative hose heating concept in which the copper heating element is spread evenly around the circumference of the hose providing a uniform heating watt density and precise control of the product’s application temperature.

Gama Heating Hoses System

100% circumferential coverage produces the most homogenous distribution of heat available. A difference that stands out!

A well thought heating hose system that is also extremely resistant to fatigue failure.

GAMA’s hoses are compatible with the competition’s spraying equipment.

For your next purchase, consider the following:
– Stability of temperature application on used products
– Product consumption and waste (hose length)
– Maintenance time (hose length)
– Project’s surface (hose length)

– Never move or pull the spraying equipment with the hose.
– Never crush or over bend your hose.
– The hose’s length (if too short) may cause back pressure into the pump.
– There is danger in using a damaged hose. Inspect it regularly.

For questions, please contact us!

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