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Our range of Polyurea (aromatic and aliphatic) Products; MultiFLEX

MultiFIX Inc. Info

For damage caused by impacts, corrosion, seepage or wear on equipment and other assets, protect, preserve, and increase the longevity of their lives with our range of polyurea coatings, MultiFLEX.



– Protective membrane

– Waterproofing

– Adheres to all surfaces

– Superior resistance to impacts, abrasion, and corrosion, chemical products, and UV rays

– High pressure spraying application



Excellent solution for:

  • Pipe & Pipelines
  • Joint Filling & Caulking
  • Bridges, Rails, and Tunnels
  • Reservoirs, Containments, Tanks, and Retention Ponds
  • Floors & Parking Lots
  • Waterparks & Playgrounds
  • Mining Conveyers & Falls
  • Bridge Pillars & Docks
  • Pavement Line Painting
  • Industrial applications such as Spray Molding


Good Products

MultiFLEX 301 to 305 are elastomeric coatings made of 100% solids. Various properties including interesting hardnesses and tear strengths awaits you. Once dried, these coatings will form a highly durable monolithic barrier that will rejuvenate, preserve, and protect surfaces.

As for MultiFLEX 310, it is also made of 100% solids but is an aliphatic polyuerethane coating system designed to be applied as a thin film. This coating can directly be applied on substrates or can be used as a topcoat on epoxy, polyurethane, polyester, or polyurea.


Different finishes available. A smooth finish, as for example, will allow some materials to slide well over the covered surface while a textured finish will make the surface non-slip. All depends on the role you want it to do!


Advantageous performances and savings!

Don’t wait any longer! Receive more information about our MultiFLEX coatings today!


MultiFIX Inc.

819 847-2689

Details about our polyurea:

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The Evolution G-35H, an Exceptionnal Machine

Robust and portable, the hydraulic Evolution G-35H is designed and built for applications such as polyurea coatings, polyurethane foams, and even some other two-component systems with a 1 to 1 ratio.




Specially made to fulfill the most demanding requirements in two-component systems requiring high dosing precision to assure the best mixing quality.


The G-35H provides twice the performance of our competitors’ spraying equipment and while our competitors’ unit will work to its maximum capacity, this spraying equipment won’t. A benefit worth considering.


A particular configuration that facilitates easy access to all components and simplifies the control functions in addition to significantly reduce maintenance time.


The Gama Logger

  • Made with an electronic system for data acquisition;
  • Captures values and parameters like temperature, pressures, working time, alarms, ratios, and product consumption;
  • Visualize, analyze, print, and represent graphically your data into any personal computer or tablets.


The Primary Heating System

  • Two separate hydraulically and electrically independent block heaters;
  • Each heater incorporating 4 x 1500w heating elements (supplying a total power of 6,000w);
  • Includes the necessary control and safety features for accuracy and reliability;
  • Allows temperature differential of 32oC (90oF);
  • Reaches application temperatures up to 90oC (194oF) under normal ambient temperatures.


The Hose Heating System

  • 3,000w isolation transformer;
  • Allows heat up to 94 meter (310 ft);
  • Includes a hose copper resistance;
  • Provides homogenous heat spread around the hose;
  • Allows accurate and uniform control of the application temperature of the products;
  • Avoids heat concentrations witnessed in traditionally manufactured hoses;
  • Extremely resistant to fatigue failure.


The Control Panel

  • Touch screen;
  • Quick and easy to use;
  • Sophisticated alarm system to warm the operation of any error in the process;
  • Ensures the right application of the products;
  • Has a phase connection alarm incorporated;
  • Avoids costly repairs from errors or mistakes when plugging the unit into the electrical supply.


Monoblock Pumps with Double Acting Opposed Pistons and Anti-Leak System

  • Made with a revolutionary anti-leak system;
  • Includes a double rod hydraulic cylinder driving two opposed chemical proportioning pumps directly;
  • Eliminates asymmetrical loads;
  • Assures uniform and constant pressure and volume in both directions of pump movement;
  • Achieves perfect mixing of chemical components;
  • Achieves various volumetric ratios (1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 4:4 and vice-versa) between the chemical components used during the process.
  • .Several pump sizes available to obtain different volumetric ratios.



The Evolution G-35H is the spraying equipment made for professionals. Already used in more than 52 countries, it is worth considering this proportioner unit for your next purchase.


You’ll see and feel the difference!


To receive additional information, please contact us by phone at 819 847-2689 or by email at

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